Comprehensive Services for High School Students

STEP 1 ~ Initial Consultation


Meeting with the Student     

  • Determine educational goals and career aspirations 
  • Discuss important criteria for selecting a college 
  • Review high school transcripts and test scores 
  • Learn about extracurricular pursuits and volunteer activities   

Wrap-Up with Student and Parents  

  • Understand family concerns
  • Discuss financial factors influencing the decision, including identifying any financial constraints so that expectations can be managed  

If High School Sophomore or Junior

  • Advise on summer camps (if interested)
  • Discuss early college visits and tours
  • Review future coursework and class schedules
  • Prepare for standardized testing

STEP 2 ~ List Building


Research College Options Based on Student and Family Criteria 

  • Use a wide array of resources and knowledge to dive deep into colleges to ensure they align with stated goals and expectations of each student

Review College List with Student and Parents

  • Lists are unique to each student
  • Discuss rationale behind each choice  
  • Develop timeline for visits and feedback
  • Continue to update and revise the list   

Finalize College List  

  • Catalog each college as a match, reach, or safety
  • Review list with students and parents 
  • Decide if early options are a possibility 
  • Establish deadlines for completing application requirements

STEP 3 ~ Application Services


Application Review (Round 1) 

  • Organize all deadlines and requirements
  • Evaluate transcript
  • Discuss all questions on the application 
  • Review the essay topic and outline
  • Provide guidance on developing an activities list/resume

    Application Review (Round 2)
  • Finalize application 
  • Review first draft of the essay 
  • Discuss options for recommenders

    Application Review (Round 3)
  • Conduct final approval of essay, including grammar check 
  • Conduct interview preparation (if necessary)  

STEP 4 ~ Acceptances & Financial Aid


Admissions Decisions 

  • Review all admissions decisions
  • Review any scholarship offers   

    Financial Aid Review 
  • Provide assistance to family while completing FAFSA or scholarship applications 
  • Review all financial aid awards with parents
  • Discuss possible financial aid appeal and provide guidance  

STEP 5 ~ Final Decision & College Success


 Review the College Acceptances and Assist with College Choice 

  • Review college choices and initial college goals
  • Discuss long-term college cost
  • Create a four-year cost schedule

College Success 101

  • Tips and guidance for maximizing the college experience
  • Follow-up meeting during the holiday break



Please contact College Selection to discuss our reasonable cost, payment schedule, and benefits of working with us. 

  1. Flexibility ~ A flat-fee structure or an hourly rate is available depending on the services you wish to use.
  2. Payments ~ Contact College Selection to learn about payment options. 
  3. Long-Term Promise ~ At no additional charge, a student who paid for full services and decides to transfer after his or her first year in college will receive the services of College Selection in transferring to another institution.  

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