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Companies and associations who want to provide a unique benefit to their workers or members can contract with College Selection to provide essential college admissions advice or services to their employees.

Why select this service?

Corporations are always looking to offer benefits to employees that will enrich their lives and strengthen the bond between them and their company.  College Selection will deliver informative, interactive presentations that will provide your employees with essential college admissions, scholarship, and financial aid information often unavailable in the services offered by their children's high schools.  

Are there services for Employees?

Yes, employees interested in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree will also benefit from this service.  Employees who want to finish their undergraduate degree or embark on a graduate degree program that will support their career objectives will find the information worthwhile.

Can the services be customized?

Yes, below you will find three options for delivery of information.  Additionally, the presentations themselves can be customized for the organization, the employees, or even an industry or type of academic program.

Who is conducting the presentations?

Daniel Gallagher, the founder of College Selection, has conducted hundreds of workshops, panel discussions, and presentations to a vast array of individuals interested in the college admissions and financial aid process.  Daniel's thought-provoking and insightful presentation will engage and instruct your employees, leaving them better informed and confident about the college selection process.  

What is the cost?   There are affordable, impactful, and scalable services to choose from:

Open Format (maximum access for your organization)  

A three-part presentation series on the college admissions process can be conducted in person or via Skype for your organization.  This presentation series will provide extraordinary benefits to individuals who may not have the knowledge or finances to seek an independent counselor for their children.   

Hybrid Format (limited access for your organization, but with greater impact on your employees) 

Six group seminars where members of your company can receive more personal guidance and have specific questions answered.  

Deluxe Format (personalized attention for your employees with the highest individualized impact)

One-on-one counseling is available for your employees on all aspects of the admissions process. 

To learn more about pricing, contact College Selection to determine which services align best with your company and your employees.

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