Financial Aid & Scholarship


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Online

This site is a must for students interested in obtaining any form of financial aid to attend college. The completed FAFSA form provides the data needed by college financial aid offices to determine your eligibility for various types of financial assistance.  

Remember, this is a free site; no fee is required to complete this form.  

CSS Profile

Some colleges require supplemental financial aid information from students and their families. The CSS Profile is a form that asks more in-depth questions about a family’s financial situation. Not all college require the questionnaire, but College Selection will notify you which colleges on your list need it and which do not.


A site that captures more than a million scholarships each year and provides a quick and easy interface for students to find the scholarships that align with their backgrounds and interests. Best of all, Fastweb is free!!     

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