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Keep in mind that these sites are students' firsthand accounts, impressions, or interactions with various colleges.  Each student has different interests, motivations, and passions.  What may be acceptable for one student may be incompatible for another.  Use these sites as a guide and treat them as supplemental information.   

College Navigator 

A fantastic site offering a wealth of information about the thousands of colleges in the United States.  Easy-to-use search functions are backed up with data.  There is a lot of information on this site, but College Selection will distill it for you.   

Websites That Categorize Colleges 

Use these sites as a resource, but firsthand knowledge is always best.  These sites, like rankings, are a guide or starting point when building a list or exploring colleges early in your high school career.  Always seek primary sources when closing in on an important decision.  College Selection will assist you in identifying the people you need to speak with to ascertain critical information.  

Colleges That Change Lives 

Colleges of Distinction     .

Other College Resources

Catholic Colleges Online ~ 

Hillel on Campus ~ Information on colleges with an active Jewish life.   

Learning Disabilities Association of America ~   

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)  Information for students planning to participate in collegiate athletics.   

Historically Black Colleges ~ 

Campus Tours  ~  

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