Experience & Specialties

Experience counts


  • 22 years of college admissions and financial aid experience
  • Worked at five universities including a nationally ranked and highly selective technological university and a medical college
  • Presented at national conferences and college fairs on the subjects of college admissions, athletic recruiting, and career development
  • Interviewed more than 2,000 students
  • Read in excess of 25,000 essays
  • Served on multiple campus wide committees and gained keen insights into all aspects of college life
  • Extremely knowledgeable about colleges all across the country

  • College Selection founder, Daniel Gallagher, has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Education degree.  With 22 years of higher education experience in all areas of admissions and financial aid, Daniel offers a unique perspective and guidance to his clients. Daniel's background is distinct in the field because he led the admissions decision-making process for many years, has reviewed tens of thousands of applications, and will provide sound advice on matters related to college admissions. He worked at five different universities, including the highly selective Stevens Institute of Technology and New York Medical College. Daniel's honest insights, straightforward advice, and professional manner endear him to his clients.  



Daniel's extensive experience will prove beneficial as you progress through the admissions process.  Furthermore, he has a unique set of skills that will support students with special interests:

  1. STEM-Related Majors or Colleges ~ Daniel can guide students who are looking to major in the sciences, technology, engineering, math, or computer science-related fields.  He will refine your search and distinguish programs that are more rigorous from those that are not. 
  2. Business & Technology ~ Daniel was instrumental in developing the admissions standards for unique business majors such as Quantitative Finance and Business & Technology programs which are highly sought after by corporations today.
  3. Allied Health ~ Daniel served on admissions committees for programs in Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Public Health and can provide crucial insights into the requirements for these highly competitive academic programs.
  4. Student-Athletes ~ Having worked with coaches and college athletes for many years.  Daniel has acquired in depth knowledge of the recruiting process.  He can help students weigh the benefits and challenges of competing at the college level. 
  5. Co-Curricular ~ More and more students and their families understand why co-curricular activities are an essential component of a successful college career. These experiences take the form of internships, cooperative education, or research. Companies and graduate schools expect students to have gained professional experience before graduating. I have extensive experience working with colleagues across universities in these areas and can provide invaluable information to students as they decide which school has the best opportunities for them in this all-important facet of college life.

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