College Selection


Why Choose an Private College Counselor?

There are many reasons to choose an private college counselor and here are a few: 

  1. Accessibility ~ For some students, their high school counselor provides little support due to a large student population.  College decisions are critical and there is never too much sound advice and support.  As an independent college advisor, I can work with you as early as sophomore year, during the summer, evenings, and even on weekends. 
  2. Expertise and In-Depth Knowledge ~ I bring expertise, understanding, and many years of experience in the field of admissions.  Having worked on college campuses, I also have in-depth knowledge of the numerous academic and co-curricular activities that will enhance your experience while in college.  I will broaden your thoughts about particular colleges as well as the entire college experience.
  3. Experience ~ I have direct experience working as a dean or vice president chairing an admissions committee and know firsthand what makes an application acceptable and what does not. 
  4. Organization ~ As your independent college advisor, I will provide the necessary support to keep you on track to meet all deadlines for applications, scholarships, financial aid, and final notification.    


College Selection's Philosophy


I had an enjoyable college experience. The academic knowledge, social activities, and professional growth I enjoyed are in large part a measure of who I am today. Though I may not recall all my classes and surely not the many tests and papers, I do remember the challenges, encouragement, and support faculty gave me throughout my academic career. Both in and outside the classroom, the faculty was available to answer questions and provide reassurance as I made my way through college. I felt lucky and privileged to attend college, and in many ways, fortunate because I received an excellent education and incredible mentorship from faculty members, college staff, and my athletic coaches.  Today my role is to help you find the university that resonates with you academically and socially.

I have been privileged to work at a variety of universities with different missions, such as one with a technology focus, another with a religious underpinning, as well as a medical college with no undergraduate programs. My work experience, spanning more than two decades, has given me a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is invaluable in assisting you to navigate the college selection process. The complexity of issues surrounding this process, including preparedness, college match, and for many—affordability—requires additional support, which is why I offer my services to you and your family. My role is to provide expert guidance, wisdom, support, and organization to this complex and important decision.

My motivation to help others gain from my life experiences, my career, and my belief that students who choose to attend college and select well will have a lifetime of happiness. For me, the reward is the selection—a confident, well-researched, and emotional fit with the college of your choice. By successfully navigating the admissions and financial aid process you and your family are sure to make a well-informed decision regarding this most critical step in your educational development. Four years is not a lengthy period, but there may be no other four-year span in your life that influences your future happiness and success. That is why I started College Selection and the reason I believe many can benefit significantly from my career admissions experiences and judgment.


College Selection's Goals & Success

College Selection was founded to support, guide, and advise students and their families in determining the right college choice.  College Selection founder, Daniel Gallagher, has 23 years of higher education experience in all areas of enrollment, including college admissions and financial aid.  College Selection takes a holistic view of each client's potential and helps them discover the college that best fits their academic and professional goals.  We at College Selection believe our resources, expertise and acumen will be a benefit to you throughout the college selection process.  College is an important step in your evolution and we are here to support you in making the best decision.    

College Selection Has Supported Students' 

Admission to Various Colleges Including:  

Adelphi University ~ NY 

Bucknell University ~ PA 

Baruch College ~ NY

Boston College ~ MA 

Boston University ~ MA

City College ~ NY

Columbia University ~ NY 

Fordham University ~ NY 

George Washington University ~ DC

Hunter College ~ NY

John Jay College ~ NY 

New York University ~ NY 

New York University, Stern School of Business ~ NY

Penn State University ~ PA 

Queens College ~ NY 

Ramapo College ~ NJ 

Rutgers University, Honors College ~ NJ

St. John's University ~ NY 

St. Joseph's College ~ NY 

State University of New York at Buffalo ~ NY

State University of New York at Stony Brook ~ NY 

State University of New York at Stony Brook, Honors Program ~ NY

Stevens Institute of Technology ~ NJ

Syracuse University ~ NY 

Tufts University ~ MA

University of Georgia ~ GA  

University of Sussex ~ UK

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